Friday, May 6, 2011

P87 and 18.37mm Broad Gauge: Utter Madness, Sir!

Hi all,

Well I have had been very busy on the modelling front of late. However, I have been equally as busy on the family and work front. This has left me little time to update the blog - something that I will attend to shortly.

I guess the most significant news is that I have decided to model to P87 standards, using 18.37mm gauge (ie true HO scale VR broad gauge).

By joining the ‘criminally insane’, I have taken on a few challenges, including retro-fitting full compensation to my four wheel fleet, and developing P87 standard VR spoked wheels. However, I am reliably informed that this can be overcome by persistence and weekly therapy sessions...

Speak soon,



alco said...

Jules,About time there was an update. I did like your module you had with you last night. The track work looked good so far.
Keep the updates comming.


Julian Watson said...


That must be some kind of record for leaving a comment after a post is updated!

Cheers, for that. I've still got a bit of work to do on the module and track work, but that will feature in another post!


James McInerney said...

G'day Julian :) I look forward to reading more on your adventures in 'true' broad gauge (btw, your certification of insanity is in the mail... ;o). If you feel like writing something for AMRM on HOb5.25 at any stage, it will be looked on favourably!

Andrew Campbell said...

Yo Jules,

I have wondered on many occasions why VR modelers don't model HOb5.25, it makes sense to me to do it. P87 makes even more sense as this will save you opening up side frames on most things.Glad your on the yahoo group and expect all the support we can offer. You are not alone in the persuit of more accurate trackage.
BTW, I am not insane, my mother had me tested! :D

Shelton D'Cruz said...

I guess there is some reason in the madness LOL - good work Jules!

Darren said...

Hi Jules,

Seriously looking forward to seeing your progress with the broad gauge project.

And by the way, did you get my e-mail about the GHG brake van info?


Mark H said...

Criminally insane but impressive nonetheless.

Look forward to numerous updates on your progress.

Mark H

Julian Watson said...

Hi Guys,


Yes, I am more than happy to put something together. In fact I believe that I owe you something very shortly...

Yo Andrew! Apparently the insane never think that they are...ah...insane! Thanks for the kind offer of support nonetheless - I will (and have) taken you, and others up on the offer.

Darren, Thanks for letting me know that my email didn't get through to you! My apologies.

Shelton and Mark, Thanks for the comment - we'll see how it goes!

Finally, some P87 18.37mm have hit our sunny shores, fresh from North West Short Line in the US. The word on the street is that they are 'mighty fine'.

Watch this space.


Shelton D'Cruz said...

Hi Jules

With regard to the Austrains T Class - are they 36 inch wheels? I was thinking of getting some GB wheelsets but not sure what size they are.

Many thanks