Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Broad Gauge J Class

I recently purchased a Steam Era Model’s J Class kit. This will be regauged to 18.37mm using P87 standard wheel profiles.

The driver wheels have been turned down and the wheel centres reduced correspondingly. Full compensation (ie suspension) will be installed using the Continuous Spring Beam (CSB) approach. This will be achieved with hornblocks from High Level Kits in the UK. I have put the horn blocks together and commenced reworking of the side frames to accommodate them (reshaped to enable the square bearing to fit).

The next step will be positioning the hornblocks, using a jig, and then soldering in place. Several other aspects will need to be addressed, such as coupling/driving rod width and associated linkages.



Andrew Campbell said...

awesome...my turn to watch. Can I ask who turned your wheels down and at what cost?

Julian Watson said...

Hi Andrew,

They were turned down by a friend of mine at ‘mates rates’ (ie a bottle of half decent Scotch). He's a very handy modeller and has all the 'toys' and skills required to use them. Lucky me.

We're on the hunt for a P87 finishing tool. I've asked a few people in the P87 Aust Yahoo group and on various other fora around the world, but have drawn a blank. Any ideas? Many road lead back to Europe, and the Fremo fraternity. However they all end in “...I think Jo Blogs was making them about 10 years ago, but not sure about now...”

I was thinking of asking NWSL, but don’t like my chances and would rather not wear out the friendship with such requests.


Anonymous said...

Julian - watching your site with interest. This link might help re a wheel forming tool ....


Julian Watson said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks very much for the link.

Another person had mentioned Teichmann but didn't supply the link. Also, they said that the main 'sticking point' was the language barrier.

Looks like I'll be recruiting the services of a German fiend...


Mark. said...

Hi Jules,
Congrates for your beautiful girl and the great progress on your module!
Also very interested in your J class mods- will watch with interest!
Cheers Buninyong.
Relevant pics now posted on VRE...

Julian Watson said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for that. Being a dad is again is great (poor sleep aside)!

I checked the VRE site for the photos - the Ian Lindsay Models kits look pretty handy.

Thanks again,


IainS said...

I thought it must have been sleep induced insanity that prompted you to try a P-87 broad gauge J class!!

I too will be interested to see how you go with this project.

Julian Watson said...


You may well prove to be correct...