Sunday, May 22, 2011

Layout Module and Daughter MkII

With the arrival of our new daughter, Aine (pronounced "Anya" for all you non-Gaelic types), things have been pretty busy. However, I've been sneaking in some modelling here and there.

I will be entering one of my six layout modules in the upcoming Perth AMRA exhibition. The 'diorama' is getting close to completion, but there are still many details that require attention - the track work being the most obvious.

Fellow P87 HOb 5.25 modeller, Damian Chrystie, has made up a VR 'frog' for the point work, and is providing some of his P87 18.37mm wheel sets that he has just received from Northwest Short Line (NWSL) in the US. Cheers, Adrian.



Andrew Campbell said...

Congrats Julian to you and your wife, all the best.
Oh and the model is looking great too.

Julian Watson said...

Cheers, Andrew.

We're feeling pretty happy about things at the moment, if a little tired....

Also, I liked you most recent post regarding the suspension. I'll be instituting that myself, shortly.


alco said...

Hey Jules loking good there, oh and the diorama looks good as well.
Hope the wife, the kids and yourself are getting some sleep.
Will catch up with you at either Peter's on Friday or Rodney's on Saturday.

Julian Watson said...


All going well so far, and thanks for the well wishes.

Yes, I expect to see you guys this weekend, one way or another.