Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Broad Gauge J Class

I recently purchased a Steam Era Model’s J Class kit. This will be regauged to 18.37mm using P87 standard wheel profiles.

The driver wheels have been turned down and the wheel centres reduced correspondingly. Full compensation (ie suspension) will be installed using the Continuous Spring Beam (CSB) approach. This will be achieved with hornblocks from High Level Kits in the UK. I have put the horn blocks together and commenced reworking of the side frames to accommodate them (reshaped to enable the square bearing to fit).

The next step will be positioning the hornblocks, using a jig, and then soldering in place. Several other aspects will need to be addressed, such as coupling/driving rod width and associated linkages.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Layout Module and Daughter MkII

With the arrival of our new daughter, Aine (pronounced "Anya" for all you non-Gaelic types), things have been pretty busy. However, I've been sneaking in some modelling here and there.

I will be entering one of my six layout modules in the upcoming Perth AMRA exhibition. The 'diorama' is getting close to completion, but there are still many details that require attention - the track work being the most obvious.

Fellow P87 HOb 5.25 modeller, Damian Chrystie, has made up a VR 'frog' for the point work, and is providing some of his P87 18.37mm wheel sets that he has just received from Northwest Short Line (NWSL) in the US. Cheers, Adrian.


Friday, May 6, 2011

P87 and 18.37mm Broad Gauge: Utter Madness, Sir!

Hi all,

Well I have had been very busy on the modelling front of late. However, I have been equally as busy on the family and work front. This has left me little time to update the blog - something that I will attend to shortly.

I guess the most significant news is that I have decided to model to P87 standards, using 18.37mm gauge (ie true HO scale VR broad gauge).

By joining the ‘criminally insane’, I have taken on a few challenges, including retro-fitting full compensation to my four wheel fleet, and developing P87 standard VR spoked wheels. However, I am reliably informed that this can be overcome by persistence and weekly therapy sessions...

Speak soon,