Monday, May 12, 2014

South of the Border


Proto87 stalwart and fellow Proto87 protagonist, Rene' Gourly, came down from Vancouver BC, Canada to Bellingham WA, USA for the day to help me out on my Australian prototype layout. These are the crazy things one can do when living close to the border.

We discussed several aspects of the layout, including legs, back scenes, carry cases for the layout and lighting. We also got the outstanding modules all but finished. Rene has had the good fortune of bumping into the modeling husband and wife team, Gordon and Maggie Gravett. (Some of the Gravett's wonderful layout, Pempoul, can be seen here.) Rene' suggested that I follow the Gravett approach by using the carry cases as layout 'legs'. They have to go somewhere, so I may was well put them to good use...

Anyway, a big thanks to Rene' for coming down - and for the box of Tim Bits. Legend.