Friday, March 5, 2010

QB Well Wagon

I have recently commenced the construction of Steam Era Model’s QB well wagon. I have chosen to model the wagon in its post 1970’s state.

According to Mark Bau’s web site (, "...these wagons were designed originally for loco boiler transport. Although in service they were more typically used as a heavy duty flat wagon capable of carrying unusual loads. Large rolls of cable drums that were too high to be carried on regular flat wagons, monopolised the depressed wagon centre, enabling the item to remain within the loading gauge."

While the kit requires soldering, I would be hesitant to say that it is ‘difficult’ to construct. The key word in my opinion is ‘patience’ rather than skill – although some of the latter won’t hurt! I sourced some good quality flux, along with 145°C and 179°C solder from DCC Concepts’ Sapphire range of products. This, along with some good advice from DCC Concept’s proprietor, Richard Johnson, and a good modelling mate, made for an enjoyable experience. Finally, this was my first attempt at a brass kit. Therefore I can speak with authority when I say that all the old advice is ‘surprisingly’ correct: keep the model clean, use good quality products and that ’less’ solder is definitely ‘more’.

More photos will follow as the kit approaches completion.