Tuesday, March 22, 2011

QB Well Wagon: Reprise

Way back in March of last year I posted about my efforts regarding a Steam Era Model’s QB well wagon. After a long hiatus, the model was recently finished. Painting and weathering was accomplished using the same method as those outlined for the QR, in the post below.

This model was completely soldered, apart from some minor details that were attached using ethyl cyanoacetate. Overall, this is a lovely kit to construct, and I would highly recommend it to those with some confidence in their soldering skills.

Update: I have updated the photos, after receiving a new camera.


alco said...

Looks better in the flesh Julian| Love the weathering effort

Julian Watson said...
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Julian Watson said...

Oh alco, you say the sweetest things!

Seriously, thanks for the ind words. But I have to say: use some good products and that's half the battle...


roliver_jack2 said...
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Wayne ( Ollie ) said...

Great work Julian, they are a fiddly but rewarding kit once completed. I'm not too far behind you and I might try your painting tips and see how it comes out.

Julian Watson said...

Hi Ollie,

Cheers for that. I agree, they can be a bit of a 'challenge' at times.

Yes, do have ago at the 'ghosting' (not sure of correct term) using the darker undercoat. It may be good to practice on an old margarine container (or some such thing) for practice. I look forward to seeing your results!


Anonymous said...

Julian, after your mentioning of Mig on your blog, I've since purchased the whole set of DVDs on spray painting and weathering. He is truely a master of the art and I can't wait to practise some of his techniques myself.

Your module looks fantastic btw. Very realistic.