Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Right Frame of Mind

One of the key aspects of converting the J class kits to 18.37mm VR broad gauge, is to return the frames to the prototypical location. Being very close to prototype width, the P87 tire profile permits this to occur.

The frames spacers that come with the kit are considerably narrower than they should be. This has been done to allow the ‘standard’ HO gauge (16.5mm) and RP25-110 tire profile to be used, while preserving the 'correct' overall exterior appearance.

Replacement frame spacers were fabricated from ~0.4mm brass sheet. Apart from the modified width, all other dimensions follow that of the original parts.

The next step will be to modify the infrastructure that is connected to the now wider frames, such as cylinders and the like. That will take place in the new year. Until then, I will be enjoying Christmas with my extended family in Connecticut, USA.

Merry Christmas dudes!


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