Monday, January 30, 2012

Fossil Fuel

The Victorian Railways had 60 J Class locomotives. Half of the fleet were coal fired, while the remainder were oil fired.

As well as modifying my own oil fired J Class steam kit, I am also undertaking ‘broad gauge surgery’ on a friend’s coal fired kit.  

I’ve just completed constructing the coal fired tender (see below). The obvious differences in the two fuel types can be seen by referring to my earlier post ('Progress', November 29 2011), outlining completion of the oil burning tender. The differences are clear; a tank for oil verses a bunker for coal.



Hauk said...

Looiking sharp! Is it primed with etch/wash primer or something similiar?

Julian Watson said...

Hi Hauk,


No, it's been grit blasted with fine aluminum oxide. It helps to clean up the item and provides a 'key' for the undercoat.

Check out a previous post for some images of the grit blaster cabinet ('Watson & Co
Foundry, Vancouver, Canada' from 11 November 2011)