Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Since the modelling room has been up and running, I’ve been hitting the soldering iron. The J Class tender has been completed, along with a small road grader project .

The tender has come up well, which is a tribute to the manufacturer (Steam Era Models) as much as anything else. As can be seen, the tender is from an oil burning version. However, I’ve started a coal burning kit also. It’ll be interesting to see the differences in the two - apart from the absence of an oil tank, of course! The new frame spacers for the broad gauge conversion have arrived, and will be fitted to the kits tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

After the significant amount of detail on the J Class kit, my eyes were starting to see double. Therefore, I decided that a short diversion was in order. My first visit to Central Hobbies in Vancouver resulted in the purchase of a 120 road grader kit (1:87 scale) from GHQ. It took me around and hour to solder up the white metal components, using low melt solder and a variable temperature soldering iron. It’s a nice kit and will come up well after painting and weathering.



alco44100 said...

Tender is looking mighty fine there Jules.
On another note,
I took your advice from the other week and logged into your P87 group. In looking at the photo's posted up, clearly the rest of the guys haven't spotted the "Mexican" lurking in the back ground!!!!!
I look forward to seeing some trackwork being put down on your home layout in the future.

Julian Watson said...

Hey Paul,

Nice to hear from you. The Vancouver P87 Posse are coming around next Wednesday. I'll be sure to show them the latest edition of Australian Model Railway Magazine, which features the P87 layout, Bowen Creek.

Hope the narrow gauge gig is going well!