Friday, November 11, 2011

Watson & Co Foundry, Vancouver, Canada

Well, after many months of moving and living in temporary accommodation, my family and I have finally arrived at somewhere permanent!

Apart from being able to relax and ‘put down some roots’, the new place features a basement. This has enabled me to annex two rooms for modelling. After a trip to IKEA, the much dreamt of modelling room exists!

I have also purchased a Badger 260 abrasive gun and sand blasting booth. Used in conjunction with the ultrasonic bath, brass items can be readily cleaned before painting.

I have a lot to do, with the first ‘cab of the rank’ being the two J Class steamers...



Rob Mandanici said...

Your back in business. Great to see you have your own little (big) space and not confined to the dining room table. Gotta love IKEA for all those nice little comforts. Can't wait to see those steamers.

alco said...

Good to see an update to the blog finally. And also good to see you have been allowed some modelling space as well. Now you just need to start on the layout.


Julian Watson said...

Hi Paul and Rob,

Good to hear from you both!

I’m not happy with the layout baseboards that I’ve built. They’re too heaving, amongst other things. Consequently, I’ll be remaking them very soon.

The newly formed Vancouver P87 Posse (see the will be visiting my place next month and need something interesting to look at. So I’ll be whipping up some baseboards over the next weekend or so.

Watch this space...