Sunday, August 14, 2011

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

While there may have been little VR Days blogging action of late, much work has been afoot on the J Class steam loco kit.

The chassis frames spacers that accompany the kit are 13mm in width, rather than the prototypically correct ~15.9mm (4'6½"). I would guess that this has been made to allow the RP25-110 wheel sets that come with the kit to be fitted. Consequently, the chassis will require new spacers, while all infrastructure associated with them will also need modification (such as the steam chests/cylinders and air tanks located between the frames). I will detail their modification in a future post.

As previously mentioned, continuous spring beam (CSB) compensation is being installed. Therefore, the connecting rods will need to be articulated (currently one piece).

In the mean time, a good modelling mate of mine has turned down all the tires to P87 profile. The driver wheels have been pushed back on to their centres but not yet on to the axles. However, the front pony truck and tender wheels sets are complete (see figures).

On another matter, my family and I are about to relocate from Perth, Australia, to Vancouver, Canada. The removalists are due tomorrow. So you will have to excuse the rather filthy and incomplete tender! On a brighter note, I have made contact with P87 modeller, Rene Gourly, who resides in Vancouver. His works can be found here: We intend to meet up soon after my arrival in Vancouver.

Anyway, to all my modelling mates in Australia (you know who you are), so long, and thanks for all the fish.


alco said...

Have a safe trip to Nth America, look forward to the updates and yes we intend to "Broad Guage" a line on "The Didubringabeerbak railway" so that when you return home, you will have some where for that "J" to have a run.
Sad to see you go (for a while anyway)but good to see you will be flying the flag for the "Modellers of Australian Prototype" group as the North American Corespondant. Catch you soon.
Paul (Alco)

Julian Watson said...

Hey Paul!

I will be holding to your thret to lay a broad gauge line!

I'll certainly miss the Friday night MOAP 'love ins'. We'll have to get the Skype going!

Keep well and speak soon,

MOAP North American Corespondant

Wayne ( Ollie ) said...

Hi Julian,
Mate all the best on your journey and safe arrivals in Vancouver. I trust you'll show the canadians what real trains look like? I hope to see a rake of the GH's in the not to distant future.
God Bless


Rob Mandanici said...

Good Morning Julian,

Best of luck with the move, hope that your travels are safe and that you have a great time and do good things as I am sure you will. Looking forward to the updates. Thanks for all the beer.

Julian Watson said...


Yes, I'm sure that they'll get a kick out of seeing the US style diesel locos and 'quaint' UK looking four wheel stock...!

Also looking forward to catching some of the many conventions and exhibitions over there.


Julian Watson said...


Sorry we didn't catch up for on last 'brew' before leaving. Suffice to say that the it was manic before leaving...

I'll be sure to provide some updates. I understand that there is a narrow gauge convention coming up in Seattle next year. Seattle is about 2 hours away, just over the border in the US. It'll be the first exhibition that I've had to take my passport to...