Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sutton Grange

And so it begins.

Attached are some pictures of my burgeoning layout, Sutton Grange. Located in central Victoria, just outside of Castlemaine, Sutton Grange is a small farming town. While the VR never actually laid a branch line to the location, I am modelling the ‘branch that may have been’ and placing it very much in its final days in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s. The primary commodity of the line is dwindling tonnages of livestock. Minor quantities of grain are loaded into GY’s with the assistance of a mobile auger - the low harvest tonnages did not warrant the construction of a permanent loading infrastructure.   

The layout will be a point to point operation and constructed in broad gauge (ie 18.2mm track gauge). While fictional, the branch line terminus will be run using ‘typical VR’ designs and practice. 

I have decided on a track plan, using actual VR track designs that have been reduced on a photocopier. Given the use of prototype point templates (around 7.5 size) the very simple yard will be over 4m in length (the overall layout being constructed of six 1.2m by 0.6m modules). Track laying will commence soon.

Stay tuned.



IainS said...

Sutton Grange- there is some interesting territory for the branch line to get over notable the ranges leading up to Mount Alexander. If I was the surveyor I'd leave the main line from either Harcourt or Elphinstone. Anyway its an interesting idea.

I am a big fan of the Maldon and Shelbourne branchline which one day I hope to model.

Rob said...

Looking great Jules - love the base board construction method!

Can not wait to see further updates when they come!



Julian Watson said...

Hi Iain and Rob,

Thanks for the thoughts. I'm assuming that the line would have commenced at Elphinstone or Kyneton and came up 'the back', thus reducing the requirement to negotiate 'The Mount'.

Yes, the area out around Shelbourne is very interesting. I had a look around there a few years ago, including the short formation that was to continue on to Laanecoorie (?) but never had a rail laid on it past Shelbourne yard. What could have been... It would make for a very nice layout, Iain.


Anonymous said...

Looking good Jules, can't wait to see the progress in the flesh, and taste some fine bangers at the same time.

Cheers Paul

Julian Watson said...


I will be sure to cook my finest BBQ for thee...!