Saturday, November 29, 2014

Frank Kelly: S Class, F Class, and Baldwin W Class (4mm scale)


Frank has sent me some more photos of early VR steam locomotives. This time it is S Class 4-6-0, F Class 2-4-0, and Baldwin W Class 4-6-0. Again, all items are scratch built by Frank's fair hand.



renegourley said...

Certainly enjoying these photos of VR engines. How's your's coming along?

Shelton D'Cruz said...

Hi Julian
Where did you get your back drop scene from?


Julian Watson said...

Hi Rene' and Shelton,

My apologies for the delayed reply.

The locos are coming along very well - I need to post some updates!

I honestly cannot recall where the backdrop came from. I believe it’s the Cudgewa Line - presumably not long before it closed.

Finally, I will be posting some fantastic VR modeling which I had the pleasure to see 'in the flesh' while back in Australia for Christmas. Stay tuned; it's some lovely modeling.


Dan Man10 Youtube said...

Wow, these locos look very nice! How'd you make them and also, could you do an NSWGR loco?

ironrails said...

Thanks for posting Frank's Fantastic hand-built locos of the 1850 to 1900 era. I wish model train manufacturers would offer these early Australian steam locos in these colorful liveries. Many were British and American prototypes that went under Australian alterations. Not sure how historic or how much creative liberty was taken, but these locos are interesting and attractive. The current trend is offering Tank type steam locos. I hope to see a few with attractive paint schemes other than standard black.