Monday, March 25, 2013

VR Track Work - Update


A bit of an update.

Further to a few requests regarding the overall plan, I've added the image below, which shows a plan of Sutton Grange. (Note that this is a heavily 're-worked' version of the official VR Windermere yard and station plan dated 1916).



Shelton D'Cruz said...

Very well done Julian. How much traffic will you be able to depict through operation for a given day for example?

Julian Watson said...

Hi Shelton,

I intend to run Sutton Grange as prototypically as is practical. Therefore, moderate to short goods will be the 'soup du jour'. This will be interspersed with occasional railmotor visits.

Overall, the operations will be slow – again, like the prototype. Although, I do not intend to run the layout to 'real time', as some have followed in the UK. (Something about 'paint drying' springs to mind...)