Saturday, July 28, 2012

Proto 87 Broad Gauge Spoked Wheels


A joint effort between South Australian Railways modeller, Nigel Gardener, and Victorian Railways modeller, Damian Chrystie, has resulted in prototypically correct 10 spoke Proto87 broad gauge wheel sets.

The wheel centres were supplied by Steam Era Models (SEM), while the tires were produced by Hargo Engineering, of Melbourne (manufactures of SEM's RP25-110 and RP25-88 tires).

Fitted to a SEM bar frame boggie, it can be seen that they certainly look the part. And, according to Nigel, run like a dream.



Standard Goods Fan said...

G'day Julian.

Brilliant pioneering work!

From the looks of it the tyre width is P87?

Looking at the success you've had with modifying the SEM wheels, there's hope yet for a P87 8-spoked wheelset for us NSW guys!

Keep up the good work.


Rob Mandanici said...

Julian, they look awesome! Maybe, just maybe one day I will go "fully" broad gauge ......

Andrew Campbell said...

G'day Julian,

Very interesting, I am curious about a few things but primarily cost and production?


Julian Watson said...

Hi Tom,

Yes, it’s certainly getting a step closer for ‘things Proto87’ on the Australian scene.

Damian and Nigel have done a great job so far.

Now to (amongst other things) construct the remaining 990 sets...

Hi Rob,

Good to hear from you.

Going ‘fully broad gauge’? That would be ‘fully sick’.

Hi Andrew,

Drop me a line ( and I’ll put you into connection with Damian and Nigel.

They’re better placed to answer your questions than I.

How’s Kurrajong progressing?