Sunday, February 6, 2011

Train Track

After many distractions, I have been able to make some progress on 'the layout', Sutton Grange. Since the most recent post, I have weathered the sleepers and laid some track. The track (Micro Engineering) is laid to 18.2mm gauge, using Code 55 and Pliobond cement. Fish plates (Model Etch) have been added to the track immediately around the first set of points. However, they will eventually be fitted everywhere. Eventually...


Rob Mandanici said...

Am very impressed - and again, that T Van is an impressive model. keep up the excellent modelling.

Julian Watson said...

Cheers, Rob.

It's taken a while, but it's slowly getting there.


Andrew Collier said...

G'day Julian,

Just stumbled upon your Blog. Nice work indeed, particularly like the fine representation of VR late in the day branchline track. Thanks for sharing your work, look forward to updates.

Cheers, Andrew