Saturday, June 19, 2010

Detailed GYs

I’ve been rather busy lately trying to complete some of Steam Era Models GY kits (see previous post). After looking around the internet for reference photos, I came across some images of Precision Scale Models’ brass GY. Released some years ago, the details on this model are amazing. This instantly became my new standard. The results (thus far) are a common ‘inside sill’ GY and the less well known ‘outside sill’ GY (kit-bashed).

Each model took around 3 hours to construct, and includes;
• Etched brass lashing rings and shunters steps from Model Etch.
• Lost wax casting brake hose from Model Etch.
• Eye bolts (for decoupling rod) from Details Associates in the US (sourced from Austral Modelcraft in Brisbane).
• Centre brake rod made from Evergreen 0.5mm rod (#218).
• End grab irons made from Evergreen 0.5mm rod (#218) and 0.25mmx1.0mm strip (#102).
• End brake rods (between brake shoes) made from 0.2mm brass rod.
• Brake rod catchers/protectors and decoupling rod made from fine wire (small E acoustic guitar string).
• RP25-88 broad gauge (ie EM gauge) wheel sets from Steam Era Models.
• Etched brass handbrake kit (Inside sill GY only) from Steam Era Models.
• Hand wheel and brake gear (outside sill GY only) from Model Etch.

The other three GY’s will follow shortly. One of those will include GY1080. Of the ~6000 made, GY1080 was the only inside sill GY fitted with a hand wheel brake gear.


Tony Crennan said...

great stuff, good to see some one who is able and willing to make a model look like the prototype without relying on a Chinese importer to supply a RTR product.
Keep up the good work

Julian Watson said...

Hi Tony,

Very kind of you to say such a thing. Of course these GYs wouldn’t be possible without the support of people like yourself, at Model Etch (payment in unmarked notes please). Seriously, it is the little details that help, I think.

These models could be made by many people. It just takes time and good resources.